Physical medals from your digital life

We think it's a shame that only the military and olympians get medals, so we're making real medals for your real achievements based on the data you publish to the web.

You're a unique snowflake

Everyone has earned a medal for being part of the amazing boiling pot that is humanity, so our first project is to make a unique snowflake for everyone on the planet. We collect the public information you have published to the web, use some of it to seed a snowflake growing simulation and use a measurement of your techiness and artiness to control how much freezing and melting occurs during the growing process. Every snowflake we make is unique to the owner. They are seeded and digitally grown just for you and their form reveals your personality as reflected on the web.

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The process of growing a snowflake uses a simulation developed by Janko Gravner at UC Davis and David Griffeath at University of Wisconsin, Madison. Once we've grown your snowflake, we clean it up and extrude it using blender to create a nice smooth 3D object suitable for printing.

At this point, we've created a stereolithography (STL) file which can be printed out by any major 3D printer. This means you can take your unique snowflake, print it yourself or at your local maker studio. We used Build Brighton's Reprap to test print the early prototypes, but you could use other services like ponoko or your own home 3D printer.